Our Kitchen

We have the letter in Spanish, English, French, German and Russian

Inside the barracks typical Casa Salvador, our customers can enjoy authentic, traditional Valencian cuisine, prepared with fish, shellfish and a variety of riceuna.

Casa Salvador has a garden where they are collected daily the tastiest and freshest vegetables for daily use.

You can choose specialties such as Black Rice, Duck Paella, Paella de Raya, our rice "Senyoret" Paella brunette Crabs Creamy Rice or Rice Sailor Caldoso among many of our kitchen.

Be sure to try our natural sorbets and choose the wine you want from our extensive cellar.


Our Orchard
Casa Salvador has two acres of orchard itself.
They grow tomatoes, onions, artichokes, peppers, potatoes, lettuce hearts beautiful, cabbage, oranges ...






If you opt for the fish (Lisa, turbot, sole, sea bass, sea bream), the most common is to take them to the plate, to the back, baked or salt.
Other more elaborate options, squid or monkfish with onions, all i Pebre monkfish, squid and prawns, lobster stew or fish xuquet.





Seafood, broad term fruits of the sea, applied to the crustacean family and unmistakably bring to our taste delicious flavors reminiscent of the sea.
It is a star of Spanish gastronomy.
Are many ways in which you can eat seafood: lightly cooked (Prawn, shrimp, galley, crayfish, mussels ...) or grilled (Gamba, crayfish, lobster ...) in order to enjoy the best flavor.




Of all the classes. Dry and soupy, with the broth just to make them mellow. Meat, fish, seafood and vegetables.
Acts baked or exposed directly to the fire but always rice as a feature of popular cuisine in the area.
And that is incorporated into the soil more as emerging from her womb, with local produce, like any stew, by definition created by the people, composed of a long succession of nearby raw materials or at least readily available at the point of creation.



Our Winery

Abundant in number of bottles "Over 1300 different wines, sparkling wines and champagnes, representing all denominations and countries"
"Even the most whimsical wine loses its "Julian Bastidas is the sommelier and cellar master.






The best rice of Valencia

This book is the result of three generations dedicated to rice. Casa Salvador, one of the most prestigious restaurants in the Valencian Community, presents 90 recipes of rice that during the 60 years the restaurant has been open continuously, has been accumulating




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